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Top 50 Women On The Internet – Pics & Bio

If you look at the Top 50 women on the internet ,surprisingly most of them are pop stars which includes Avril Lavigne, Madonna and many. Rest are powerful politicians.

As i mentioned already top 10 most popular women on web includes 8 people from the music industry. Just 2 are from other industries.So starting your career in music industry may make you popular . Who knows? I m not kidding anyway. Just take a look at the most Googled Top 50 women on the internet.  As you guess, this list didn’t fail to include your favorite Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Today’s music industry is easily accessed through the sources like internet. It is one of the main reason behind the question how this much women from the music industry made up this list.  No matter who you are and which age group you fall in from teens to old adults ,everyone searches the internet for their favorite songs and artists especially women pop stars.Agree?

Are you curious about what people are searching regarding these beautiful women? Here it is. These beauties are searched for their risqué photos, personal life story, background and many.  Apart from music industry this top 50 women on the internet list includes the people from the following categories.

•    Women who continue to appear in popular TV series through several generations
•    Political figures
•    Women who have devoted their life mission to pass some good messages all around the world
One of the remarkable thing i should mention about this list is” it is composed of young ones, middle age and of course with few few seniors. Don’t ask me a question how all these people have ended up in the same list. It’s all because of the wide accessibility of the internet then what else? With various gadgets available in our hands, now we can browse through our favorite celebrity photos, personal life and merely every single information you want to know about them.

If you ever want to show a woman as a role model to your young generation, many powerful women are out there. Educate them properly. Regardless of whom you are going to introduce as a role model to your daughter or granddaughter it’s really important to educate them on the presence of power full women around the globe.

Celebrities made this list are just same as ourselves. Only difference that lay between the ordinary one and celebrities is ” They figured out their dreams and followed them correctly”.

Okay enough and enough of talking now. Let’s start with our top 50 women on the internet list. Remember, this list is subject to change from one day to other based on the hot news, current trend , what on people shows their interest and so on.

List is in reverse chronological order. I am pretty sure this overall list will seem desirable and interesting to everyone. Some women in list seem totally convincing yet other women may rise a question why they are here? Anyhow the list is based on the monthly Google Search volume all over the world. So we have no other way but to accept it .

Emerging Search : Emilia Clarke

Apart from the women listed below “Daenerys Targaryen Actress” Emilia Clarke has been emerging as the most sought after actress in the world. Although Emilia Clarke is not new to acting, HBO hit Game of thrones, has risen her to fame. Her mother is a business woman and father is a sound engineer. She has graduated from the London drama school in the year 2009. She have got 15th position in askmen’s top 99 women of 2013.

emilia clarke


No 50 : Eva Longoria

top 50 women on the internet-eva-longoria


When we analyze the ratio of men and women who have Googled the most beautiful Eva Longoria , 80% are men and the remaining are women. When it comes to search terms mostly women who are Googling her , shows very much interest in knowing the stuffs on her personal life. Right after her graduation, Eva Longoria has entered into a talent contest and this is the event which brought her near to the ladder of Popularity. Anyhow she has known to the world, after playing the role Isabella on one of the most popular series “Y&R” on 1973.

Height = 5′ 2″

Industry = Film

Nationality : American

Results : 64,000,000

DOB : 15th March,1975

No 49 : Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Born in New York with the twin brother named Hunter Johansson. Scarlett Johansson have started to show her passion on acting since from her young age. she is an model, actress and singer.

Height : 5′ 3″

Industry : Flim

Nationality : American

Results : 28,900,000

DOB : 22nd November, 1984

No 48 : Carmen Electra

top 50 women on the internet

Real name of the American’s most glamorous actress Carmen Electra is Tara Leigh Patrick. But mostly she is identified by her stage name Carmen Electra. Her all rounder personality in singing, dancing and acting made her to be found in our list of Top 50 woman on internet.

Height : 5′ 3″

Industry : Film

Nationality: American

Results : 13,500,000

DOB : 20th April, 1972

No 47 : Tina Fey

Tina FeyApart from acting ,Tina Fey have shown her excellence in writing and comedy as well. she is well known for her comedies in the films like Megamind and Date Night. Some more remarkable things about Tina Fey is, she is the producer of the popular TV series 30 Rock. She received numerous awards for her screen play, acting and writing.

Height : 5′ 5”

Industry : Film, Television Producer, Writer

Nationality : American

Results : 23,800,000

DOB : 18th May, 1970

No 46 : Adriana Lima

top 50 women on the internet


Unlike all other Models, popular Brazilian model Lima never thought to step in to the modeling industry until she accompanied her friend to participate in one of the modeling contests at her school. Obviously her career have started accidentally. On her 15th age, she have won the title of Supermodel of Brazil .Subsequently she have been awarded as the ” super model of the world” in the year 1996.  Until now her fame didn’t get faded and now you can see her as a spoke person in all leading American cosmetic brands.

Height : 5′ 10”

Industry : Modeling, Film

Nationality : Native American married to a Brazilian player

Results : 37,200,000

DOB : 12th June, 1981

No 45: Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Discontinued her school at the age of 15 and started to concentrate on improving her recording skills. When some of her recording went public in MySpace, it got her a chance for an airplay on BBC. Allen’s 2nd studio album gave a massive hit and got the first position in the UK albums chart. Album which have lifted her to some good height is ” It’s not me, it’s you”.

She was born to a welsh father(actor) and English mother(film producer).

Height : 5′ 2”

Industry : Music

Nationality : England

Results : 23,200,000

DOB : 2nd May, 1985

No 44 : Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker

You can remember Sarah as Carrie Bradshaw, role played in the popular series “sex and the city”. This role alone made her receive 4 golden globe awards. Apart from the movies and series, she is well known for many world’s popular fashion brands.

Height : 5′ 3”

Industry : Films, Television Series

Nationality : American

Results : 92,500,000

DOB : 25th  March, 1965

No 43 : Kelly Clarkson

top 50 women on internet

Kelly has attracted the attention of millions after winning the 1st season of American singing competition American Idol. Kelly’s debut single named “A Moment Like This” had hit the magazine Billboard Hot 100. She is a song writer, Singer and an occasional actress.

Height : 5′ 3”

Industry : Music

Nationality : American

Results : 66,500,000

DOB : 24thApril, 1982

No 42 : Carrie Underwood

top 50 women on the internet


Just like Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood got into light after winning the American Idol title in the 4th season. She is an actress, song writer and mainly a singer. She have won many honorable awards including Grammy and Music Billboard awards etc.

Height : 5′ 3”

Industry : Music

Nationality : American

Results : 91,000,000

DOB : 10thApril, 1983

No 41 : Amy Winehouse

top 50 women on the internet


She is the very first British singer who have won 5 Grammy Awards for her album Back to Black. She have died because of alcohol poisoning in the year 2011. Winehouse have got 26th place on the list of top 100 women in music and she got the 41th place in the list of Top 50 women on the internet.

Height : 5′ 3”

Industry : Music

Nationality : British

Results : 52,500,000

DOB : 4th September, 1983

Died : 23rd July, 2011

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