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Top 50 Most Beautiful College Campuses Boasting Architectural Beauty

41. University Of San Diego

5998 Alcala Park San Diego CA-92110, United States

Most Beautiful College Campuses

The University of San Diego offers an outstanding view of the Pacific Ocean from its campus. In addition, the university is famous for its gorgeous campus that encompasses around 180 acres. Strolling around the campus of the university features you the breathtaking views of the Coronado Islands, the San Diego Harbor and La Jolla.  Most of the buildings in the campus influence the 16th century Spanish Renaissance style of architecture. Studying in the pleasant and beautiful ambiance can improve the student’s educational experience-this is the strong belief of the founder of this university. Travel + Leisure honor it as one among the most beautiful college campuses in the America.

42. University Of Virginia

Charlottesville VA, United States

Most Beautiful College Campuses

The campus of the University has admired for its outstanding Jeffersonian architecture particularly the popular Rotunda. For every year, nearly thousands of visitors visit the college campuses. The campus covers around 1682 acres. The gorgeous buildings in the campus contribute the University to earn the honor “The proudest achievement of American architecture in the past 200 years”. The campus also ranked in the list of the greenest campuses. Most tourists impressed with the royal architecture with the influences of roman.

43. University of Washington

Stealth Washington, United States

Most Beautiful College Campuses

The University of Washington is located on the Portage Bays and Union shores. The campus features the breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier and Cascade Range. The campus covers around 703 acres. The blooming cherry trees in the campus attract most of the students and serves as the favorite spot for them. Denny Hall built during 1895, is the famous oldest building in the campus. Red Square in the University serves as the spot for several annul events and the hub for student interaction. The Sixth Man, What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole, War Games are some of the films that were filmed on the University campus.

44. University Of Wisconsin
Madison Wisconsin

Most Beautiful College Campuses

The campus of this University with the urban setting encompasses around 936 acres.  The campus offers abundance of activities including historic, natural and architectural wonders to attending athletic events and art performance. The main campus is situated in the center of the two huge lakes named Monona and Mendota. Among the four national landmarks, Bascom Hall remains as a focal point for the student’s life. The campus itself acts like a small city that offers enormous activities to the students. Geology Museum is one of the main attractions in the campus. This museum features minerals, rocks & fossils from all around the world. A walk through cave, backlight room and Baring Meteorite fragment are some of the highlights.

45. United States Military Academy (USMA)

West Point New York, United States

Most Beautiful College Campuses

Based on the ruins due to the revolutionary war and significance of military academy, most of the academy area was considered as the National Historic Landmark. Charles Dickens once visited the campus and shares that it is hard for him to find more beautiful ground than this campus. Trophy Point overlooks the river Hudson as well as serves as the home for battle monument; hence, it is honored as the most visited as well as scenic sites in the campus.  The buildings that were constructed with black and blue granite influences the Neo Gothic architectural style. The campus covers around 15000 acres and it offers the stunning views of the Highland falls and Hudson River. The campus also serves as the final resting place for many famous members of the nations military. William Westmorland, Winfield, George Armstrong Custer are some of them.

46. Vanderbilt University

2201 West End Ave Nashville TN-37235, United States

Most Beautiful College Campuses

The campus of this university is roughly in fan shape. The oldest region of the campus is well known for its green space and plenty of trees. Its natural environment stands contrast to its surrounding cityscape. The campus encompasses around 330 acres. With the association of the Arboreta and Botanical Gardens, the campus was selected as a national arboretum. The campus holds approximately 190 varieties of trees and shrubs. Bicentennial Oak tree between Garland Hall and Rand Hall is certified as the campus’s oldest living thing.

47. Virginia Tech

Blacksburg VA 24061, United States

Virginia Tech is famous for excellent faculty, groundbreaking research and dynamic collaborations. The campus is in the urban setting and it covers around 2600 acres. Most of the buildings in the campus influence the Gothic Revival architectural style with Hokie stone. The campus of the Virginia tech is both beautiful and dramatic. Burruss, McBryde halls, War memorial Gym and dining hall remains witness for the beauty of the campus.

48. Wellesley College

106 Central St Wellesley, MA-02481, United States

Most Beautiful College Campuses

The campus of the Wellesley College that covers 500 acres includes a golf club, a private lake, groves of hardwoods and conifers. Stunning stone and brick buildings add additional admire to the campus. Every window on the campus features a view to the Lake Waban through pine trees. Henry Fowle Durant, founder of the college highly believed that the young girls should be educated in the middle of beauty. Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr designed the campus.

49. Whiteman College

345 Boyer Ave Walla Walla WA-99362, United States

Most Beautiful College Campuses

The campus of the Whiteman College cover around 117 acres and it is built around the natural beauty of the ponds, streams and several outdoor sculptures. Ankeny Field, the main quad region is the largest area in the campus. Johnston Wilderness campus in the Whiteman college campus serves as a spot for the social events. Quad serves as the venue for intramural field sports. The artificially created lake “Lakem Duckum” in the center of the campus serves as a habitat for several ducks.

 50. Western Michigan University

1903 W Michigan Ave Kalamazoo MI-49008, United States

Most Beautiful College Campuses

The campus of the Western Michigan University that covers more than 1200 acres & 143 buildings features many finest facilities in the area. The main campus that is situated near the downtown Kalamazoo is spaces enough to house 6205 students. The campus includes huge, well-equipped student recreation center as well as state of art facilities for chemistry, business, health, science, human service and visual & performing arts. The Western Michigan University is divided in to 5 campuses:

  • East Campus
  • West Campus
  • Parkview campus
  • Oakland Drive Campus
  • College of Aviation

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