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Top 50 Life Threatening Situations And How To Survive Them

If there is one absolute truth about life that all of us can agree upon, it is that ‘Life is unpredictable’. You never know what is going to happen and you have no way of being prepared to face an unexpected and even worse, a life-threatening situation. So here are some potentially life-threatening situations that you should be prepared for. And please remember that if you ever come across a situation like this, God forbid, but if you do, DO NOT PANIC. That’s the first rule.

  • Being held at gun point

The people on the other end of the gun probably have no plans of killing you. So stay calm. Or at least pretend to be calm. And don’t do anything in haste. Think through your situation. Think about what they want from you. If it’s money or jewelry, just give in to their demands. That’s the smartest thing to do. We don’t want this to turn into a homicide. And keeping that in mind, don’t try to put up a fight unless, you are learned in the field of martial arts. Especially if you are with your family, it is best to make getting out of that place unharmed your first priority. Also, you will have to call emergency services as soon as possible. But make sure your prospective killers are at least a hundred meters away and there’s no possibility of them hearing you.

  • Getting mugged

This is also a similar situation. Give in to their demands. Obviously, your life is more important than your wallet. Don’t try to argue or reason with your muggers. And no matter what you do, don’t threaten them. This will anger them and they may shoot you and even your near and dear ones. And inform the police when you are sure than you are out of danger.

  • Being chased by a snake

When a snake chases you, run straight. And run fast. Run straight because a snake will slither and meander. And if you don’t run straight ahead, the snake is sure to catch you. If you are being chased by a water snake, don’t panic and attack the snake because most water snakes are harmless. And they won’t come at you unless something triggers them and they feel that you are a threat to them. And they will feel that way because you are in their territory. So, start swimming away in the opposite direction and swim fast because there won’t be any time to assess if the snake is poisonous or harmful. And once you are out of their territory, they will stop chasing you. But next time, be careful where you take that swim.

  • Chased by an elephant

Elephants are pretty smart creatures. And most of the time they will not be really charging at you. They will test if you are a threat to them by making mock charges. How will you know if it is a real or mock charge? Look at the elephant’s ears, if the ears are relaxed and fanned out, it is a mock charge. In which case, stand absolutely still. If the elephant’s ears are pinned back flat, it is most probably going to charge at you. This will be accompanied by a curling of the trunk and a trumpeting warning. If you are sure that the elephant is indeed chasing you, make very loud noises. This will prove to the elephant that you are not a threat. And avoid running. Look around you and find something that’ll act as a barrier between you and the elephant and hide. Remember to stay low when you hide because this will make it difficult for the elephant to sniff you out. But if you are in an open space and you have to run, run in a zigzag manner, unlike the snake escapade. And run fast. Because of the size and weight of the elephant, it will not be able to move itself fast enough in zigzags. So it’ll help if you meander. If you run straight, the elephant will catch up to you.

  • Falling down a flight of stairs

This is something that you will do as a reflex: as you fall down, hold onto the nearest handrail and support yourself. If there are no handrails to support yourself with and you know you are doomed for a steep fall, cover your head and try to hold your head up when you hit the floor. This will make sure your fall does not prove fatal.

  • A fire cracker injury

For any injury, the first thing that you have to do is to clean and dry the wound. You can use mild soap and lukewarm water to clean it. A topical ointment is not really necessary unless the wound is really deep. Because sometimes, excessive use of the ointment may make the wound moist and delay the healing process. If you have been burnt and the pain is unbearable, it is okay to have over-the-counter medication or apply topical numbing ointments. If the size of the wound is larger than your palm, you should see a physician. Also, if the burn is near your eyes, nose, ears, fingers or toes it is better to consult a physician irrespective of the size of the wound. And no matter how small the wound is, if you notice the wound getting infected it is better if you consult a doctor.

  • Slipping and falling into a manhole

As soon as you realize that you are falling into a manhole, your hands will come to your rescue as a reflex. So use your hands to make sure your entire body doesn’t fall into it. And don’t panic because your injuries will be minor. Call someone to help you get out and visit the ER. You are likely to sprain your ankle or bruise your hands and body. So just get medication to treat those injuries.

  • A car crash

As soon as you realize that your car has crashed, don’t move or scream immediately. Make sure you can feel all your body parts. This is to make sure there is no paralysis. If there is some part that you cannot feel, it is better if you don’t move and call for help. But if you feel fine, help the kids get out if there are any and then go for the adults. And call an ambulance. If any of them are passing out, keep talking to them and don’t let them pass out until the paramedics get there. Sometimes victims tend to pass out from the excruciating pain caused by their injuries. And most importantly, it is better to get yourself checked at the ER even if you feel completely fine. Because internal injuries are a possibility. And also, some victims may experience posttraumatic psychological distress or something of that sort so they may need counseling. And if the police aren’t already in the spot, call them.

  • Car plunges into a river

Remove your seat belt first. This should be your reflex. And do this as soon as you realize that the car is headed for a water plunge because the seat belt may get jammed. And as soon as you are in the water, try to open the door, if it doesn’t open, open the window or break it (you can use the head rest and keep your face away). And get out of the car. Remember that the front windows of the car are bigger than the ones at the back. And swim to the surface along with the other victims. If there’s an infant, hold onto him/her tightly and swim fast to the surface. If you cannot swim, use whatever objects you can find to push you up. And if you have a dog, get it out of the car and it’ll make its way to the top. Don’t try and call 911 because it’ll take time for them to get there. Get to the surface before calling them. And seek medical attention, even if you feel fine.

  • A fall from a height

Get your hands up to your face and protect your head. But if you are falling down face first, turn your head to the side. And also try and land on your side. This is the best way to minimize injury. If you fall on your back, you risk breaking your spine and if you fall on your chest, you risk breaking your ribs and we don’t want either of that. And look around and check your surroundings before getting up. And go straight to the ER for a consultation.

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