Top 21 types of ear piercings that you can’t miss

Today, it is not difficult to see people with many types of ear piercings walking around you. We are living in the times where make-yourself-stand-out desire is holding the highest position. When clothing is not enough to fully meet this desire, other trends rapidly appear to do that. They have started with shoes, bags, then spread to luxury jewelries like necklaces or bracelets, and nowadays been common with body piercings that ear piercings are the most popular.

Together find out from celebrities, concretely in some special award ceremonies, for example, at Grammys 2016, Selena Gomez (who took home award for best dressed on the red carpet), elegant Ariana Grande or whacky Lady Gaga can not help but match a pair of earrings to make their dresses more perfect.

Types of ear piercings
Selena Gomez and ear piercings

Not only celebrities but also normal ones, typically teenagers would like to have ear piercings. Beside the use to make themselves more beautiful or cooler, there are also other reasons, such as:

  • Trend and Style: Probably the simplest reason for ear piercing is keep up with trends and to be in style. Nobody wants themselves to be out of fashion, right?
  • Self-expression: People like to ear piercing because the self-expression behind it. Though their type of ear piercings they choose, they want to show the others their sense of personal tastes, emotions or belief.
  • Culture: People in some regions have ear piercing just because it is a tradition in their countries. Hindu families in India commonly do ear piercing for their children in the ages of 0-3 years old because it is believed that ear piercing helps in maintaining the regularity in the menstrual cycle of a girl, getting rid of hysteria and other diseases or maintaining the flow of electric current in human body.

There are many ear piercing types for people who want to have one. Read Lifestyle9’s list now!

  1. Standard Lobe Piercing

This is a most original type of ear piercing. Lobe is softer than other part of the ear so you just suffer the least or no pain when doing ear piercing. It is the reason why, this type is suitable for people who afraid of pain, also is type that some girls have already had when they were a baby. It is simple but not lack of elegance when you use glamorous earrings made from silver, gold or diamond. However, by changing into some kind of break-out-the-order or cute earrings, it is also suitable for the mischievous ones.

Elegant Style
Elegant Style


Mischievous style
Mischievous style
  1. Double Piercing

This type is just like its name. It is in the same ear lobe that involves two distinctive piercings, one is at the same position of standard style’s piercing and one is done higher. People adorn the upper lobe with gorgeous stubs, rings or some kinds of earring have the same or different shapes with the standard piercing. This double style are also cause the least or no pain so it is quite popular.

Double Piercing
Double Piercing
  1. Helix Piercing

In 90s or early 2000s, helix piercing is extremely popular, known as the rock-star and metalhead style. The helix piercing is usually done at the upper and out part of the ear. It would like multitude piercing and arranged in a shapely manner. Helix pain is depend on the additional pressure which is exerted to perforate the cartilage. And there is a little distressed feeling when jewelries are placed in the new holes. It usually takes about 6-8 months to heal depend on each person’s body.

Helix Piercing
Helix Piercing
  1. Forward Helix Piercing

This type is similar to helix piercing, also has position at the upper but inner part of the ears. The pain also depend on the additional pressure exerted to perforate the cartilage and takes long time to heal. It is usually done with three piercing called “The triple forward helix” and sometimes combined with other types.

Forward Helix Piercing
Forward Helix Piercing
  1. Industrial Piercing

This type is a variation of two helix type and has become very popular among young people because it make them look cooler and more stylish. It is done by punching two holes on the upper and both in and out part of the ear. Then the two holes is connected by a jewelry.

Industrial Piercing
Industrial Piercing
  1. Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing became popular about after 2005. This type called “Tragus” because it is done on the tragus of the ear, a small flap of cartilage which locates over the ear lobe. It is very painful because this part is thick and fleshy. Tragus piercing is maybe not common as it is easily infected and irritated if not been took care correctly. But look positively, when you adorn it with pretty jewelries, it is absolutely stunning.

Dual tragus piercing with small silver studs
Dual tragus piercing with small silver studs
  1. Anti-tragus Piercing

This type is some kind of neighbors of Tragus piercing that is performed in a similar way like tragus. It is done on the outer side of the ear that lies opposite the tragus, called anti-tragus. The piercing is less infected and irritated than Tragus piercing but still needs a lot of care. This is a unique and totally catchy look, is a good idea for people who love body piercings.

Anti-tragus Piercing
Anti-tragus Piercing
  1. Rook Piercing

This type of piercing is an extremely unique one that requires highly technic and great precision. It is the most painful and difficult type which is done by perforating the hole on the upper inner ear. There are also some problems for the cartilage due to the stretching of holes in the entrance and exit. Rook piercing takes lot of time to recover and care that there have to be an assistance to wear and remove jewelries. But to people who have passion for ear piercing, it is worth.

Rook Piercing
Rook Piercing
  1. Daith Piercing

This type is done by piercing the innermost cartilage fold, which means there is a ring (or curved barbells and ball closure) passing through the ears’ innermost cartilage. Although it is similar to Tragus piercing because of its position but quite different from it as Daith piercing is not as painful as it look and does not have annoyably irritative problems. However, it has one condition about the jewelries that thin wired one is required in order to not damage to other parts of the ear.

Daith Piercing
Daith Piercing
  1. Conch Piercing

Conch piercing involves perforation of the ear cartilage that of course, very hurt. There are two type of Conch piercings: inner and outer. The inner conch piercing is more popular than the outer one. There is a lot of jewelry choices that are concerned such as: captive bead rings, circular barbells, labret studs. Your first jewelry should be picked carefully as it is an important thing in your healing process.

Conch Piercing
Conch Piercing
  1. Auricle Piercing

This one is punctured at the middle part of the outer rim of your ear. Since it is done at there, where nerves are on, it gets more painful than the others. Anyway, many people still like it thank to its newfangled and perfect aspect when mixing with another upper lobe.

Auricle Piercing
Auricle Piercing
  1. Graduate Lobe Piercing

This style is a combination of at least three piercings punctured at the lower lobe and going up gradually. It is the best when you use earrings of same design which is fit with each spot on lobe. And then you will be twinkling among the crowded with a hoop of little pretty piercings.

Graduate Lobe Piercing
Graduate Lobe Piercing
  1. Transverse Lobe Piercing

Tired of the same old piercings? You should try this once. With it, you must pierce horizontally at an angle and a piece of jewelry is passed through both the perforations. Its symmetry help you be more eye-catching than the others but unless you usually use saline to clean your earlobe at least twice a day, it gets infected. You cannot disregard this step, even when lobe piercings tends to heal quickly (it will take more time than other ones.)

Transverse lobe piercing is common done with a barbell jewelry and surely it will make you become the coolest one.

Transverse Lobe Piercing
Transverse Lobe Piercing

Moreover, there are lot of interesting combinations to choose.

  1. The Tragus and The Triple Lobe PiercingThe-Tragus-and-The-Triple-Lobe-Piercing
  2. Rook and Tragus PiercingRook-and-Tragus-Piercing
  3. Helix with Double PiercingHelix with Double Piercing
  4. Tragus with Forward Helix PiercingTragus with Forward Helix Piercing
  5. Industrial with Double PiercingIndustrial with Double Piercing
  6. Daith and Helix PiercingDaith-Helix-Piercing
  7. Tragus with Conch and Triple Helix PiercingTragus with Conch and Triple Helix Piercing
  8. Rook and Helix connecting with Triple Lobe PiercingRook and Helix connecting with Triple Lobe Piercing

Surely there is a lot of types of ear piercings which are different with those types above. It all depends on your inspirations and creativities to have your own types. So, do not hesitate to choose suitable one to change and hope you will shine bright with it.

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