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Top 10 Best Natural Makeup Brands To Try In 2016

The idea of Green beauty has quickly picked up and started to evolve as an emerging trend in the world of fashion. Impact ? The term “best makeup brand” has got its new meaning. It will no longer mean a brand power or a brand value. Women around the world have understood the advantage of organic makeup over the regular makeup. A Nice Move! To reflect this trend, we have revised our list of top 10 best makeup brands with all natural, organic brands this year.

Every beauty item made of synthetics and fillers take at least 6 nasty stuff to show you pretty. Read the ingredients given on the label of your favorite cosmetic brand and decipher the terms. I bet, you wouldn’t dare to touch it again.For example,

  • Lipsticks from our chemical based cosmetic brands have animal fur and Parasitic Beetles crushed inside.
  • Face moisturizers, exfoliators, and few other personal care products contain animal cholesterol.
What Is Green Makeup
Cosmetic items that do not contain synthetics, binders, paraben preservatives, emulsifiers, and fillers are known as Green makeup. They are 100% vegan and made of botanicals and minerals. Some organic brands like Bite Beauty and RMS Beauty are made with food grade quality meaning you can eat them like a food.

There is nothing like “Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick”, “NARS blushare ” or “Revlon mascara”. These all brands have their own devoted, loyal fans. I agree, but what about the quality? If you think that organic makeup brands can’t go on par with chemical formulations in providing the mesmerizing appeal and impact, you will have to change your thoughts right now. There are plenty of organic formulas that can give you sexy, vivacious ranges to flaunt with. In fact, “Makeup has never been cleaner and more creative than right now”.

Women around the world have already replaced their old beauty favorites with “all natural food grade quality ” beauty items. Don’t you think, your skin and body deserve the best makeup too? But wait, switching is not that easy because many makeup brands started to drum roll themselves as 100% organic. But in real, they still use the chemical ingredients and hide those from their label. To help you choose the trustworthy natural brands, here we have given a roundup of top 10 organic brands list along with their must try beauty products. If you ask us what is the best makeup brand, its really hard to pick just 1 from this list. Take a look and give a try, you won’t regret it.

We have interviewed the experts, heard reviews from people and personally tested all recommendations given under the label “What should you try?”. We are more pleased with every product we tried. Transform your daily beauty routine with these products and DISCOVER A NEW YOU!

Top 10 Best Makeup Brands

No 10 : Bare Minerals

natural makeup brands
Bare Minerals

Every girl born on earth has inherent beauty. Needless to say, You are gorgeous too! All you need is just a right enhancer to illuminate your beauty. You don’t need anything that mask your natural look. Makeup you wear, should be safe to your skin and environment too. Bare minerals totally understood this requirement. They offer a wide range of organic beauty items that are 100% natural. Wearing these products will not create an appeal of applying too many cosmetics. Instead, it creates a flawless look while feeling light on your skin. So go explore this best mineral makeup brand and find the right products that work best for you. In general, all of the bare minerals products deliver the indented look and appeal. But we strongly recommend the bare mineral’s foundations & blushes for anyone with acne prone skin since they barely clog your pores.

What Should You Try
  • Bare Minerals Foundation,
  • Eye Brow Powder,
  • Mineral Blush,
  • Buxom Lip Gloss in Trixie, Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream- White Russian,
  • Prime Time Eyelid Primer,Waterproof Mascara and
  • SPF20 Concealer

No 9: RMS Beauty

natural makeup brand
RMS Beauty

Since every product of this brand has indisputable quality, it has many supermodels and celebrities in their loyal followings list. Creator of this brand is Rose-Marie Swift, a popular celebrity makeup artist. This brand’s Beauty products are 100% organic, natural and food grade (You can eat, no harm will be done!). Since RMS beauty do not expose the ingredients to heat, they continue to remain in the raw state that yields more benefits to your skin. If natural looking translucency is what all you look for, give a try with RMS beauty. Customers who use this product claim this brand as unique and flattering among all the other top makeup brands.

However, as these products are coconut oil based, you need to refrigerate them during the warm weather.

What Should You Try
  • Intense metallic cream shadows,
  • Volumizing Mascara Living Luminizer,
  • Lip & Skin Balm,
  • Un’ Cover-Up and Foundation.

No 8: Kjaer Weis

best makeup brand
Kjaer Weis

New york based celebrity makeup artist Kajaer Kirsten weis has launched an exclusive beauty line after spending eight long years in research and development of her beauty line. She does not consider beauty and health as two separate things. It is the reason she has formulated her products with 100% safe organic ingredients. Its color cosmetics beauty products are certified as organic or natural by CCPB. Besides to be one of the best natural makeup brands, its products are cost effective too. The added plus is; their few products like foundation, blush and mascara come in a refillable format too.

What Should You Try

  • Eye Shadow Cloud Nine,
  • Lip Tint,
  • Cream Blush Compact
  • and Kjaer Weis Foundation (5 shades).

NO 7: Origins

natural makeup brands

This natural makeup brand has been around us more than three decades, and they use the collective knowledge of 3.5 billion in their beauty line. Hence, we can confidently say this brand as one of the best natural makeup brands available today. Their products are bit costly but if you can spend little extra, go get Origins and indulge its purity to the core. Their products are formulated using plant-based ingredients, wind energy, and nonrenewable resources. Their long-lasting scents have never failed to attain 5-star rating in the product reviews.

What Should You Try

Almost all of the origins products are rated 4 and above. To keep this post brief, we have included only the most popular ones here.

  • Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask,
  • High-Potency Night-A-Mins Skin Refining Oil,
  • Original Skin™ Renewal Serum with Willowherb,
  • Origins Once Upon a Shine- Sheer Raspberry,
  • Origins Refining Silk Screen Make Up,
  • Origins Lip Pencil Rosewood,
  • Liquid Lip Color in Beaming Berry,
  • Origins Reflections Foundation,
  • Ginger Essence fragrances and
  • Lipsticks

No 6: Ecco Bella

best makeup brand
Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella products are organic, natural and cruelty-free. They are free of gluten, dyes, preservatives and water too. Out of all organic makeup brands we reviewed here, we can say this as the most natural one. Besides to offering the makeup items, they do offer a wide range of body care products too. So ladies don’t forget to give a try with this brand. Ecco Bella takes a lead in the list of best vegan makeup brands without any doubt.

What Should You Try

  • Skin Survival Day Cream,
  • Botanicals Lipstick, Long Lasting Lip Crayon,
  • Daily Exfoliant, Flower Color Powder,
  • Flower Color Natural Mascara and
  • Herbal Body Lotion.


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Sandy Sanghera

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AfterGlow Cosmetics

I was so surprised when I saw you included Sephora in your top 10 natural makeup brands. I know you wrote it in the paragraph right below but I think it would have been a good idea to specify in the heading that only one of their lines is natural. It might confuse some of your readers.


As for me, missing Organix Cosmetix


You do know that many of these brands are not all natural and that there are other more natural brands out there; don’t you?

Lily Tran

I felt very surprised that you added physicians formula because I use their bronzer beauty product and I wanted to check it out to see if this brands on the list. That’s awesome!

Mind Boxer

Green washing at it’s best, just because it’s labeled “natural” doesn’t mean so and it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Vice Versa just because something comes from a lab doesn’t mean it’s bad for you.

Sydney R

The best natural makeup I’ve ever tried is by Obsessed Minerals…they are online…their eye shadows are incredibly vivid and long lasting and best of all….no preservatives or harmful ingredients! My favorite is French Vanilla…..it’s incredible…if you want to try a great shadow look up their site!


Nude by Nature – fabulous and affordable

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