Smartphone Addiction – Do you see yourself in this video?

Do you see yourself in this clip? Nowadays, you and the majority of people seem to depend more and more on technology, especially, automobile. We can not deny its benefit but should realize that it also causes social problems. The relation between people and people becomes weaker and weaker is a typification. You may be not feel it in your normal life but when watching the video, you can see clearly how uncomfortable it is and how impolite you are. Browsing Facebook when dating with friends, using phone when talking with the others or photographing everything at everywhere and everywhen to post up the Internet is such a terrible habit. Are you going to keep living as well as the world will end without it and are you sure that you will be fine when living without family or friends but your phone? Change or keep doing it and you will be an android soon- no life, no emotions, just survival.

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