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Interesting Facts About Spain

Spain, a country of the brave and young who love to take upon challenges, be it facing an 1100 to 1600 pounds bull racing towards them with sharp horns or lying down in a mess of smashed tomatoes all day. Spain is a music, food and sports loving country.

Interesting Facts About Spain

Here is a portion of the intriguing certainties about Spain that you would love to know:

  • Spain is still a constitutional monarchy and so the official name of the country is ‘Kingdom of Spain’ Anything spoke to defame the royal family attracts imprisonment of over two years, so before you decide to go there read well about the family and do not say anything that might get you into trouble.
  • Tourism is one of the highest boosting industries in Spain and brings in billions of Euro into the Spanish economy. In the year 2013, Spain was the most visited country in the world. There are over 44 UNESCO World Heritage sites which include pre-historic rock art, historic cities, bridges, buildings, landscapes and national parks. Only two countries in the world, Italy (49) and China (45) have more such sites than Spain.

Interesting Facts About Spain

  • The Spanish people’s attraction towards old structures is evident even today. The Sagrada Familia Church in Spain has been under construction for over 130 years and will not be completed any sooner. It is expected that the project will be completed in 2026. It will truly be an excellent site to see this church, finally when it opens up to the public. The world’s oldest existing lighthouse is the ‘Tower of Hercules,’ in Spain, erected in the first century; it is still operational. Two Roman dams that date back to 1900 years are still in use over here.
Interesting Facts About Spain
Sagrada Familia Church
  • With such old structures found in the country, it is believed that the modern humans first arrived here 32000 years ago by walking.
  • The national anthem of Spain, ‘Marcha Real,’ has no official lyrics. Although it is not the only one of its kind in the world, there are three other countries too, like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosova and San Marino that have no official lyrics in their anthem.
  • Public nudity is legal in Spain. Yes, you read that right, it would be very easy to spot a topless beautiful woman walking down the streets of Spain buying groceries. It may be one of the ways for the locals to enjoy the Mediterranean temperate climate with its hot, dry summer sand more than enough sunlight.
  • When you think of health, you think of Olive oil, so the next time you think of olive oil, think of Spain. This country is the world’s largest producer of olive oil. It produces about forty-five percent of the world’s olive oil. Although the fact is that Spain uses only twenty percent of it and Italy uses the most that are thirty percent olive oil. An average Spaniard consumes nearly 14 liters of olive oil annually.

Interesting Facts About Spain

  • The legal age for marriage or consensual sex is low in Spain. It recently changed it in 2015, from 13 to 14 for consensual sex and from 14 to 16 for the wedding. It is still low if compared to many other countries in the world.
  • Back in the Sixteenth Century, Spain was the most dominant force in the world. Due to its strong influence, Spanish is spoken in many countries, so much so that US has more Spanish talking individuals than Spain itself. It is estimated that there are more than 410 million native Spanish speakers, which makes it the second most prevalently talked dialect in the world.
  • Christopher Columbus who discovered an alternate route to the world has a living descent in the country even today, who is a noble. Back then, the Spanish Catholic monarchs promised to give Columbus the title of ‘Admiral of the Ocean’ and a tenth of the revenue from the newly found lands only with the hope that he would never return, but he did and the rest is history.
Interesting Facts About Spain
Christopher Columbus
  • Spain has given the world many famous artists which include the most famous names from the twentieth century that is Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Both had a significant impact on modern art. The main cutting edge novel which was additionally composed by the Spanish writer, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, ‘Don Quixote,’ is recognized as the world’s first modern novel and was also voted as the most inspirational novel by over a 100 world renowned authors.
Interesting Facts About Spain
Pablo Picasso
  • The liberal nature of Spain has also made it a free country where gay and lesbian couples can freely proclaim their love for each other and get married legally, one of the not very many nations on the earth where this is.

Interesting Facts About Spain

  • Spain is a female centric society. Women over there spend a little time doing the household chores. The country has also changed many street names from male fascists to influential women. Women also lead to setting up their businesses with over 40 percent of all new start-ups started by women. Traditionally too Spaniards have two surnames, one from the father’s side and one from the mother’s side. Now the new proposed law favors keeping the mother’s last name as the surname.
  • Spain’s love for football can never go unknown while everyone knows that bullfighting is their favorite, football is the second Real Madrid, the Spanish team based out of Madrid is the world’s most valuable sports team in the world. Their annual revenue is of $650 million and the brand value is of $3.3 billion while the second close, Team Barcelona, is also based out of Spain has a value worth $2.6 billion.

Interesting Facts About Spain

  • It would amaze you to know that the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of love for many, was initially planned to be placed in Barcelona, Spain. However, the project was later rejected and the location was changed from Barcelona to Paris where it now stands tall.
  • Those living in Spain can expect to live longer as the average life expectancy age in this country is 82.5 years old. It is the highest among OECD Countries. Spanish women live longer than men, which is 85 years as compared to 79 for men. It is for this reason that the UN projects Spain to be the oldest country in the world by 2050 with over forty percent of the population aged over 60.

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