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How To Stay Happy Even When Everything Goes Wrong



Do you really want to know how to stay happy? It’s simple. Just fix it in your mind that no one can take the responsibility for your happiness. But only yourself. This basic understanding is the key to happiness.

Staying happy is not just reserved for only those rare moments you adore, when life is in a good shape. To be frank, true happiness can’t stem from the perfection. As we human, Reserves the happiness only for the moments when everything goes according to our will and when everything in our life stays perfect. It’s one of the major mistake we all do. But the truth is, no matter what happens, we can all be happy in all walks of life. As you truly want to know, how to stay happy, get ready to smile, chant and dance.

Instead of expecting the big things to happen in life, you can simply celebrate the small happiness lying around us. You can simply be happy just because you have got up from your bed and blessed with a new day.

Here are the top 15 reasons that tells how to stay happy even when everything goes wrong with your life.



Not everyone in this world are blessed with the healthy body. So if you have good health, just think how lucky you are and start to celebrate.

If you don’t have a health but people around you to care, still you can celebrate. Because so many people are dying literally without a proper care from anyone in their life.

You are Alive

Many people who have seen the yesterday’s sunset did not wake up to see the today’s dawn. Some were gone in accident and for some their disease had finally won. But never ever waste your golden moments in worrying. Just be happy for the fact you are alive today to see your life’s trivial, great and wonderful stuffs.



Until now, you  may not have that much interest on the puppies and kittens. But how come you don’t fall in love with these little friends who bring a smile and joy to your life? Start to play with them, I  bet you will stop firing the question how to stay happy.

Colorful Sunsets


Do you remember the day when you have enjoyed the colorful set out of the window? Do you remember how the sky was changing its colors to purples, yellows, pink, blues, green and oranges? If you don’t remember, see the today’s sunset. When you start to enjoy the little things around you, automatically you will learn how to stay happy.

You Have People Who Love You

Just imagine, you wake up tomorrow and realize you are not having anyone in your life anymore. How will you feel? Today you have everyone of your loved ones around you. So cherish today and find the ways on how to stay happy with the people you love.


Whomever you may be life will not always go in the way you have planned. It’s the case with anyone who lives on this earth. Instead of feeling the blues, just be happy and thank god for making you  to live in the city where opportunities are knocking at every door steps. As the  opportunities are immense, you can easily promote your life by accepting the changes.


So many women around the world do not have the freedom that you are enjoying here. Just be happy because you are allowed to have a walk in a tank top, you are allowed to vote and speak out what’s running in your mind. Just think how people who don’t afford such freedom will feel when they are given with your freedom.

Reality Television

If you have a reality television in your home, feel happy about it. You may not be a fan, but still, watching at least any one of the episode from any one of the reality show is more than enough to prove that you are not such abnormal. Just be happy for having the access to new technologies. People who lives on the poor areas do not have an access to even a mobile phone.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Although the new year lies so far away, you can make yourself looking forward to the thanks giving dinner. Because it’s the time that force you to bring all the memories of happiness you have enjoyed in your life.


Having good friends is one  the greatest asset in everyone’s life. You have such wonderful friends who can make you forget all the worries. So rather than worrying about the imperfections of your life, start to spend your time with your friends and feel happy.

Second Chances

Are you blessed with the second chance? Feel happy about it. Not all are willing to offer a second chance and not all gets that too.

Planting Flowers

No matter how sad you are, No matter whether you have interest in planting or not, just make your way to your  nearest nursery and get some gorgeous flower plants. Plant those in your home and start to care as your lovable ones. Plants can actually feel you when you water them and care them. Wait for your plants to grow. Whenever you feel sad, visit to your  garden and forget yourself with your flowers welcoming smile and blossom.

Baby Smiles

Whether it’s your kid or someone else’s, seeing the baby smile can give you plenty of reasons to smile.

Treat Every Day as new one

You may wake up with the sad mood, but tell your heart, you have got a brand new day and the mother nature is waiting for you to shower its happiness. When you believe it, your day will turn into a happy one.


Books are great companion. Losing yourself into the stories of good book is such a great pleasure. Be happy for having an access to thousands of millions of books at any time of the day.

Answer for your question how to stay happy does not necessarily ends up with the above reasons. Even though the things are not going very well in your life, you must have many little things to cherish in your life. Try to enjoy every little happiness that lies around you and stay happy.


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