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How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Fast? – Ask The Experts!

Sometimes, love may seem incomplete without these love bites or hickeys. But we can’t always show them off proudly. We may have an important professional meeting the next day or we may be meeting or parents who don’t know that we are in a relationship which can be awkward. Keep in mind that everyone knows a hickey when they see one, so don’t try and come up with lame excuses and make a fool out of yourselves. Usually, hickeys heal on their own within  two to eight days unless it’s very deep, in which case it may take a maximum of two weeks. But there are things you can do to make it disappear quickly.

How do those passionate kisses leave a mark?
When you are bitten in an area that has soft skin tissues that are made of tiny blood vessels, it damages the capillaries and breaks the flow of blood. This causes blood clots to form in the tissues and turns into a hickey. The leaked blood slowly spreads around the hickey area. Blood is then dispersed and re-absorbed slowly. It’s a normal recovery process. 

How do Hickeys fade?
As you know, our body is made up of blood vessels which carry blood all around the body. Love bites usually tend to appear on the neck or the arms and these parts have tiny blood vessels that are so vulnerable to be broken even to a passionate kiss or a bite. Depending on how old the hickey is, it may seem red, brown or purple just like a bruise.

Recent hickeys can easily be treated with cold compress and frozen spoon methods. Whereas Older hickeys can only be treated with warm compress methods.


This Post Includes
Part 1 : Get Rid Of A Hickey Using Home Remedies
Part 2 : Ways To Get Rid Of Hickeys Using Over The Counter Medication
Part 3 : Tricks To Hide Hickeys

How to get rid of hickeys using the best home remedies?

1. Ice or Cold Compress

how to get rid of a hickey

As you know, ice has the ability to freeze our blood vessels. So when you apply this method, ice will break blood clots and freeze blood vessels and in turn it will minimize the size of the hickey.


Take few ice cubes and wrap it in a towel . Make an ice compress and slowly apply pressure on the hickey. Do not do it for too long though. If you feel an unbearable cold feeling, take it off immediately. This is one of the best methods to get rid of a hickey fast.

Never apply the ice cubes directly on a hickey. Always use it with a towel.

2. Frozen spoon

how to remove a hickey

This method will also help you get rid of hickeys very fast.


Keep a steel spoon in the freezer for few minutes. Take it out and slowly apply pressure on the hickey. You can follow up the first method with this for best results.

3. Hot Rag

how to get rid of a hickey asap

To get rid of hickey instantly, I recommend you to use this method right after the cold spoon method. Heat a microwavable blanket or take any cotton cloth and dip it in hot water (not very hot water). Drain the water and hold the cloth against the hickey.

4.  Finger Massage

how to get rid of a hickey

When you gently apply pressure and massage the area around the hickey, it disperses the blood around. And the discoloration will fade away.


Gently rub and massage the infected area for 5 minutes, few times a day.

If the hickey is fresh or tiny, massaging will drain the color immediately.

5. Toothbrush / Comb


As you gently press the hickey with the comb or brush, the teeth of the comb and the bristles of the toothbrush will force blood back into the vessels, and blood around the hickey will be dispersed evenly.

But make sure you don’t apply too much pressure.


You can use either a comb or a toothbrush. By applying a little pressure, brush or comb the area of hickey gently. Repeat this process for 5 to 10 minutes. Once you are done, apply a cold compress for the next 10 minutes if it’s necessary.


When this method is used in combination with massage, it will completely remove the hickey within a day without leaving any trace.


6. Small Cylindrical Objects

how to get rid of a hickey


Applying pressure using a small cylindrical object is yet another way to break the blood clots around the hickey.

You can use lipstick lids, pen caps or any other small cylindrical things.


Make the small object (for example: a pen cap) to sit directly on the hickey. Apply moderate pressure. Twist the cap while you apply the pressure. Slowly release the hold and continue to keep it on the hickey for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat this process over and over for 10 to 15 minutes.

7. Coin Method

how to get rid of a hickey

This is one of the most painful methods that removes hickey effectively. But it is totally worth it.


By using your fingers try to stretch the skin out around the hickey safely. Take the largest coin available and rub the area of hickey using the edge of coin. As this process stimulates the blood flow, you can see the reduction of redness in less than 15 minutes.

8. Mint / Mint Toothpaste

how to get rid of a hickey


Generally pepper mint & mint based lotions have medicinal properties to increase the blood circulation.

So applying mint tooth paste or peppermint oil or spearmint oil or peppermint lotion on the area of hickey will help you get rid of it.


Apply a layer of any ingredient listed above on the hickey and let it dry. It may burn a little. Keep it on for a while and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.


9. Witch hazel

how to get rid of a hickey quick

It’s a very powerful astringent. Apart from hickeys ,it can also be used to get rid of  bruises  and other inflammations. Dip a cotton ball into witch hazel extract and apply it on the hickey. This will make your hickey and bruises fade away overnight.

10. Aloe Vera

how to get rid of a hickey

Aloe Vera is a well known herb that can instantly repair damaged blood capillaries. So apply aloe vera extract or gel over the hickey. Though, the  extract may be more effective.

11. Tea Bag

how to get rid of a hickey fast

You can use tea bags as a warm compress. Hold it against the hickey few times a day until it disappears.

Combine this method with any of the others on our list to quicken the hickey-healing process.

12. Tuna Oil

how to get rid of a hickey

Apply a little quantity of tuna oil over the hickey for 10 minutes. You don’t need to let it dry for long. Take a hair dryer and heat the area with tuna oil on it. As you blow dry, you can notice the hickey disappearing.

13. Vitamin C Fruit Juices

how to get rid of a hickey quick

Vitamin C plays a key role in the collagen production and helps boost the ability of our body to heal itself. Taking vitamin C in the form of fruit juices will get your hickeys to heal faster.

14. Popsicle Magic

how to get rid of a hickey fast

 This method of getting rid of a hickey, may sound a little crazy but it really works.

All you need is Coco-butter, a popsicle, a medium brush or comb.

Take some coco butter and rub it on the hickey. With the brush or comb, rub the Popsicle on and around the hickey for 3 to 5 minutes. You have to brush it gently in circular movements as you do massages. Repeat this remedy thrice a day until you see the visible results.

 15. Rubbing Alcohol

how to get rid of hickeys overnight

Since Alcohol has soothing, cooling and most importantly disinfectant properties, this method will heal your hickey immediately.


Dip a cotton ball into alcohol and rub it on the hickey for 5 to 7 minutes. Repeat this twice a day. You can see the hickey disappear within 2 days. As alcohol can make your skin dry, always apply a moisturizer after doing this.

16. Use Banana Peel

how to get rid of hickeys fast

There is a lot that a banana peel can do to heal your hickey. Banana peel is known for its soothing and cooling properties, which helps make hickeys fade away fast.

Cut the banana peel (of ripe one) in the size of  your hickey. Place it on the mark and leave it for 10 to 30 minutes. Do this 2 to 3 times a day if you want faster results.

17. Cocoa Butter

how to get rid of hickeys fast

This natural ingredient very effectively works on your hickey. Cocoa Butter is well known for healing bruises like hickeys. This excellent moisturizer promotes new skin tissue growth.


Keep a warm compress on your hickey. As the region becomes warm, apply cocoa butter. Now, massage the region gently for few minutes. Doing this breaks the clotted blood and stimulates better flow. Do this twice a day

Tip: If you don’t have cocoa butter, you can use almond oil or olive oil.

18. Apply Toothpaste

how to get rid of hickeys fast

You must have seen people applying toothpaste on their pimples but how far does it work on bruises? Well, it works great because it has bleaching properties. So, consider applying white toothpaste (avoid colored ones or gels) on your hickey and leave it overnight. Though it doesn’t magically disappear the next morning, you will find it fading much faster. And the hickey will disappear in 3 to 6 days.

When I say apply pressure, I only mean pressure as much as you can bear. Do not apply pressure to an extent that it causes pain or discomfort.

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Extract fresh aloe vera gel and massage the gel into the bruise. Do this two or three times a day. Its a natural remedy and it worked for me. Thanks for the informative blog Lifestyle9

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