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June, 2017

  • 16 June

    World’s Top 30 Best Countries to live in 2017

    Best Countries to live in 2017

    Is there a heaven on Earth? Probably not but here is the list of the world’s top 30 best countries that are almost as good as that. There are many factors that you will have to consider before deciding to move to a country like the weather, cost of living, …

May, 2017

  • 9 May

    Top 50 Hottest Spanish Models Of All Time

    Hottest Models

      Spain is one of the countries that boasts of having the most beautiful women on the planet. And their models are the best of the lot. Here is a list of the hottest Spanish models in the world. After winning the Miss Spain contest Arroyo appeared in many TV …

  • 3 May

    Top 25 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

    the most beautiful city in the world

    There are so many beautiful cities in the world. Each city is different from the other and has its own specialty. Some cites are safe, some are enormous and some are most expensive. Among the cities across the world, some cities are most beautiful and make it seem like we …

April, 2017

  • 27 April

    Top 10 Safest Countries In The World To Visit Or Settle Down

    safest countries in the world

    The world is an unsafe place in every sense of the word. Thanks to natural disasters, terrorism, homicides, robbery and massacres. Everyone wants to settle down in a safe place. But these days, it is extremely hard to find such safe countries. So now, what according to you would constitute …

  • 23 April

    Top 50 Life Threatening Situations And How To Survive Them

    If there is one absolute truth about life that all of us can agree upon, it is that ‘Life is unpredictable’. You never know what is going to happen and you have no way of being prepared to face an unexpected and even worse, a life-threatening situation. So here are …

February, 2017

  • 6 February

    Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners For All Pencils With Reviews

    Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners For All Pencils With Reviews

    Looking for the best electric pencil sharpener for your colored pencils? For classroom? For school? For drawing pencils because you’re an artist? Well, search no more. Here we will list out the best electric pencil sharpener with reviews and other details so you can choose the best one for your need. …

January, 2017

  • 9 January

    Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

    Top 10 Popular Pizza Topping Combinations

    Pizza! The love for pizza across the world makes me wonder as to why they don’t declare it the globally loved food.  It is so much than just food, the first bite in itself is heavenly and the base feels like a freckled wheat angel resting on mustard and ketchup …

December, 2016

  • 30 December

    Top 11 Most Common Last Names In America

    Most Common Last Names In America

    Family names or popularly known as last names are the common names used in the family which demonstrates that the individual has a place with a certain family. All around the world, family names are used and have a substantial significance. In most countries, last names are based on the …

October, 2016

  • 27 October

    Best Restaurants in Chicago To Visit

    Restaurants in Chicago

    Chicago, the place we all love. Our favorite pizza comes from there, and I have a bucket list which is filled with only some of the mouthwatering dishes that Chicago has given us and I would definitely try out all these when I visit Chicago again. However, when I do, …

July, 2016

  • 4 July

    Top 10 Most Expensive Cars In The World

    top 10 most expensive cars in the world

    We all love cars. Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, we have it in us to be appreciative of the prowess of the four-wheeled machine; it may be vintage or a fresh face in the market. These machines have never been cheap. Remember, automobiles are built to make …

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