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March, 2017

  • 4 March

    [Review] 2017 Best Cooling Pillows That Stay Cool For Goodnight Sleep

    [Review] 2017 Best Cooling Pillows That Stay Cool For Goodnight Sleep

    Chillows, or cooling pillows, are made to save you from the pain and night sweats that keep you from having a goodnight sleep. For those who are suffering from neck pain yet have to deal with the hot weather and a sweaty pillow, you know how uncomfortable it is. You …

December, 2016

  • 1 December

    HGH Therapy vs. Testosterone Therapy

    HGH Therapy vs. Testosterone Therapy

    Most active bodybuilders and athletes look for ways to make the most out of their workouts. This craze has made people opt for options like testosterone and HGH therapy. The debate about HGH vs testosterone therapy has been a primary subject among health experts and consumers. But the question is …

August, 2016

  • 31 August

    How To Get Water Out Of Your Ears?

    How To Get Water Out Of Your Ears

    Water can get inside of anyone’s ear. It does not only occur during swimming but can also happen while showering by accidentally tilting the head the wrong way. In this case, you will experience the discomfort brought about by water in your ear. Most often than not, you will hear …

  • 20 August

    10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds To Know

    health benefits of chia seeds

    The health benefits of chia seeds contribute in increasing the energy levels in the body, improving endurance, treating diabetes, aiding weight loss, promoting stronger teeth and bones. Chia seeds are considered as one of the best super foods in current time. Dating back as early as the Mayan and Aztec …

  • 17 August

    How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Teeth?

    How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Teeth

    White spots on teeth are likely to be a disturbing and unsightly view because they spoil the people’s smile and ruin their confidence. They are a result of numerous factors such as mineral loss in the tooth, genetic, and sometimes, an evident after braces have been removed. Whatever it is, …

February, 2016

  • 18 February

    Top 12 Vitamins To Take While Pregnant

    Vitamins To Take While Pregnant

    Another milestone in a woman’s existence would be the time when she becomes a mother. The journey is not easy, as certain changes might occur at such times. One must be ready physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to embrace and accept the alteration they might encounter. They must be armed …

December, 2015

  • 15 December

    How Often Do You Need A Tetanus Shot?


    Field of medicine has seen a tremendous advancements in the past few years. As we learned to treat the life threatening diseases like Cholera, chicken pox and malaria death rate of newborns has been decreased remarkably. Today we have shots available for almost all diseases . Our governments ensure that …

June, 2015

  • 5 June

    Does Advil Contain Acetaminophen ?


    Before answering your query, does Advil contain acetaminophen, it’s good to have a clear picture on 4 are inflammatory and anti-inflammatory drugs.The categorization of the drug is achieved based on the ingredient from which it is made of. Acetaminophen is an  anti-inflammatory pain reliever and a fever reducer. This drug …

May, 2015

  • 28 May

    How Long Does Motrin Last?


    You may have unbearable pain and so reached the pharmacist and got this OTC. Now many questions pop up in your mind. How long does motrin last, how soon it starts to work, is it really safe, what is the recommended dosage and the many. If you have all these …

  • 22 May

    9 Signs You Are Getting Your Period


    Periods is one of the most usual things that happens to every girl. We can list so many things as an indication for getting periods. In fact, you can sense all these on a monthly basis. But if you have just hit your puppetry and still unaware of the signs, …

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