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Top 10 Small Towns In America

The greatest country in the world is also home to some of the best small towns in America. Those little towns are friendly, less populated, less polluted and easy to travel. With more open spaces, such small towns serve to be a perfect get away destination where you can relax from your everyday rat race.

Best Small Towns In America

  1. St Johns

    Best Small Towns In America

A small town in Florida with a population of just 86,400 people, this town has topped our list of America’s best small towns. Much of what St Johns offers you, are open spaces including golf courses, boutiques, marshlands, wetlands and riverside mansions. It is a favorite place for kids as they get green grass and fresh air when they go around bicycling without the fear of being run over or being stuck in lung choking traffic. The people living here are friendly and accepting.

2. Cherry Hills Village

Best Small Towns In America

The best housing destination in Colorado. With only 5987 people, there is ample space to build big houses at a not so hefty price. You can even have your garden outside of your bungalow and even grow a vegetable garden for your kitchen. The beautiful part about this place is that the crime rate is low and stands at 755 per 100,000 people and so you are safe in Cherry Hills Village.

3. Longwood

Best Small Towns In America

Another town from Florida, this local city has a total population of 13,657 which came into existence after exhausted citizens sought for a quaint shelter after the country was torn apart by the American Civil War. The city began with its economic growth in the 60’s and 70’s. Military and Space industry gave impetus to the place and then came the entertainment industry magnets, Walt Disney World which attracted a huge number of tourists. With not much population and a promising economic industry, Longwood is the right place to settle down in America’s best small towns.

4. Traverse City, Michigan

Best Small Towns In America

This is the biggest town in North Michigan, but it does not have a larger population. There are only 15,000 people living here and most of them are involved in producing tart cherries. Each year the city hosts a National Cherry Festival which attracts tourists from all over the world.

5. Jacksonville

Best Small Towns In America

The old golden city of Oregon was founded in the 1850’s when a lot of gold deposit was discovered in the city. The city thrived on it but only to find out that they had not prepared for a second option. When the gold deposits were exhausted in the Jackson Creek, the treasure in the city ran out. However in the 1960’s again this town was designated as a National Historic District and has now turned into a Southern Oregon wine region, famous for wine which is as precious as gold for many of us.

6. Taos

Best Small Towns In America

The city from New Mexico has a unique attraction towards it with the rusty feeling and the cowboy looks neighborhood. The pueblo houses are mainly known in this town and it has also attracted many artists and influential abstract painters like Agnes Martin. This place is artistically beautiful as it has three art museums, more than 80 galleries and many more performing arts venues.

7. Stowe

Best Small Towns In America

If you love adventure then travel to this small town in Vermont, which gives you plenty of adventure options like skiing, zip lining and rock climbing. You can even go shopping at the plenty of restaurants and shops in the town. Also, do visit the Trapp Family Lodge owned by Von Trapp family which was made famous in ‘The Sound of ‘

8. Clinton

Best Small Towns In America

A small town just closer to New York City. You can hop in your car and travel to this place on your weekends. The most famous landmark is on the banks of the River Raritan, the Red Mill Museum. You can likewise visit the numerous café’s, shops and art galleries.

9. Sitka

Best Small Towns In America

The actual land area of this place is no more than 3000 miles and the population is a little over 8000. With such small population and a lot of space, you can do whatever you like, including hiking, biking, fishing, boat rides and a lot more. You can drive through the forests without those horns disturbing you or that polluted air making you gasp for each breath. If you are a seafoodie, then this place is just the right choice for you. You can find Asian fusion and Greek restaurants over here. Also, you can munch on the meat of moose, caribou, elk and reindeer meat hotdogs.

10. Ellensburg

Best Small Towns In America

The fact that this town is located in Washington gives it the advantage of being able to enjoy the comfort of amenities of the city and having the charm of a small town. Art lovers can come here for a treat because of the number of museums, galleries, visual arts center. The advantage of living in an art-loving small town is that it gives you all the time to ponder upon art and learn something from it. Unlike in the major cities where it is just a means of pleasure or worse a status symbol. In Ellensburg, you also have live music, food and wine to taste. The Central Washington University offers residents with a year-round celebration of arts and culture programs.

At every point of time, all of us living in these big cities, feel distressed of the constant running around and chasing the dream that we have dreamt since our childhood. However, these dreams even when achieved do not give us the feeling of being satisfied or even some time to spare for ourselves. They take away our sleep and leave us tired. At these times, we do feel the need to escape from all of this and take things a bit slowly. So on the off chance that you are searching for the best small town in America to live, then pick one from our list and make the leap.

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