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Best Restaurants in Chicago To Visit

Chicago, the place we all love. Our favorite pizza comes from there, and I have a bucket list which is filled with only some of the mouthwatering dishes that Chicago has given us and I would definitely try out all these when I visit Chicago again. However, when I do, I would not want to spoil my bucket list by trying these foods at the wrong restaurants. Let me give you the list of best restaurants in Chicago, so that you enjoy your trip in the best possible way.

This list is a mix of the five-star hotels and the round the street cheap hangout places to visit in Chicago. Here’s presenting the

10 Best Places To Eat In Chicago:

1. Alinea:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: youtube.com

Located on North Halsted Street, Alinea is a highly rated and reviewed a restaurant that is loved by food lovers. The top most demanded food items over here are Oyster Leaf, king crab, Lobster, Woolly Pig and Steelhead Roe. The food is highly rated by its customers, and it is served for dinner and for after-hours too. So party creatures alert, this is the place to go when you want to hang out till late night. The hotel offers your private dining, valet parking and alcohol (of course). The restaurant is wheelchair friendly which most restaurants are not. Also, the atmosphere is excellent, many of my friends who have tried many posh places visited Alinea after my advice and they loved it. You too can join them, be it for family outings or partying with friends.

2. Everest:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: 10best.com

Sitting on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, the hotel offers you an excellent view of the Chicago skyline and the best part about Everest is their classic wine collection.Chef Joho, the chief chef of Everest, serves your palate with his unique seven-course savories menu, or you can even try his three or four course pre-fixed The wine tasting and the cuisine tasting session becomes even more relishing when you view the city lit with its shining lights. The Alsace wines in Everest are listed and internationally acclaimed as one of the best in the world.

3. Epic Burger:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: grubstreet.com

This is a hangout food joint which is affordable and the food over here is justly priced.A combo meal, burger, fries and a strawberry shake, that’s the stuff you should order here. The total cost would round up to $12 only. Let me tell you, you might have had burger everywhere, but here the burger is just the appetizer, because the real hero is the sauce which makes the burger juicier. You can even make your own burger, change the buns and choose between white or whole wheat, even between onions you can choose from grilled or raw and between cheese you have three different types of cheese that give you the feeling of Christmas in your mouth. It is located on 517 S State St. and truly the burger is an epic over here. The tables are large and rightly so, you can imagine the type of people who enter her need a large table to fill their tummies.

4. Boka:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: theculturetrip.com

The unique selling point of the restaurant is the creative animal paintings dangling from their walls making the atmosphere lively.However, of course, the restaurant is the place where you go for food and not the paintings. Boka offers you some of the customized food items. Chef Lee Wolen offers you his best whenever you visit his restaurant. Some of the most rated cuisines are heirloom carrots which become even tastier with pistachio crumbles, bulgur and smoked goat cheese. After this save some space in your tummy for Chef Meg Galus’ individual pastries, eat them, and you have landed in

5. Sixteen Restaurant:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: goldcoastreality

Located in the Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago, this top class restaurant offers your tongue some of the international cuisines like veal with morels, sea samphire, citrus and avocado, caramel bavaroise, fiddlehead ferns and sea buckthorn and carrot cake.Ohh! And how can I forget the cardamom-cream cheese ice cream which is so yummy that this can be a solution for world peace? The price may seem a luxury, but it is totally worth the tag.

6. Pequod’s Pizza:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: idreamofpizza

A truly Chicago-themed restaurant, this is an excellent hangout place where you can go with your old timed friends to catch up with some old time talks. The classic deep dish is like eating Chicago with cheese, and Pequod’s signature dish that is caramelized cheese crust in the pan pizza is truly local. Locals hail this as the best pizza corner and worth every penny that you pay.

7. Chicago Athletic Association Hotel:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: michiganavenuemagazine

The hotel has been recently renovated and now houses multiple food and drink options which also include Chicago’s Shake Shack. The open rooftop restaurant and the game room add on to the fun which you have while dining over here.

8. Blue Door Kitchen & Garden:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: chicagotribune

This is a unique restaurant and offers you the healthiest option in food that is organic. The vegetables used over here are made using vegetables that are brought straight from farm to kitchen. Chef Art Smith who is a celebrated chef puts in his years of experience into his cooking over here with fresh and seasonal ingredients. The seasons dictate the menu over here.The restaurant has tie-ups with agriculture communities, and so the freshest foods are made available here. This is also one of the reasons why the food here offers local flavors.

9. Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: yelp

This is the place for sea food It offers American food, Seafood and soups for lunch and dinner. It is located at 60 E Grand Ave. The menu includes spinach stuffed mushrooms, Fried Calamari, Shrimp and Scallop Ceviche Shrimp De Jonghe, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail (you have to try this) and Steak Tartare. These are just some of the most rated food items, and you can also book a table online. Customers rate this hotel at 4.5 stars out of five. They praise their hospitality and appreciate the waiters here. Their gentle treatment makes the food even yummier. It is best known for its seafood but you can also try their bread basket, mashed potatoes and other appetizers, they are all great.

10. Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf:

Best Restaurants in Chicago
Credit: bavetteschicago.com

Some call it the best steak place ever, in Chicago. The star of their menu is their steak. The hotel is known for its friendly treatment and the open space provides you will some time to relax and chat. This affordable place is located at 218 W Kinzie St and is open until late hours throughout the week.

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