Best Perfumes For Women In Spring And Summer 2017

Who is ready for a new look and a new scent for spring and summer? For ladies to have her shining and refreshing impression from spring to summer, we pick out the latest and the best perfumes for women to wear in these two lovely seasons.

Check them out!

Best Spring perfumes for women

Miu Miu L’eau Bleue

best perfumes for women in spring

Image credit: Miu Miu

Launched in 2016

Main accords: green, white floral, rose

Main notes: lily of the valley, white flowers, morning dew, green notes, wild rose and akigalawood

Longevity: moderate


Youthful, colorful, sophisticated, and unique – these words are the best to say about the MIU MIU L’eau Bleue fragrance. It presents an essence of the lily of the valley mixed with akigalawood.

“Beautiful, refreshing bottle. Similar to the original Miu Miu fragrance with very distinguishable notes of Lily of the Valley. Though this newer fragrance is slightly more crisp and graceful. I detect hints of melon? Making it more youthful.” – something_wild

“This frag is quite lovely, it is unassuming, simple, gentle, creamy and awash with white florals…Highly recommend giving it a try” – grizzlymaze

My Burberry Festive Eau de Parfum

best perfumes for women in spring

Image credit: Burberry

Launched in 2015

Main accords: floral, freshy, rose, white floral, sweet

Main notes: damask rose, freesia, sweet peas, bergamot, bourbon geranium, patchouli, quince

Longevity: moderate


This excellent women’s perfume My Burberry Festive is introduced as a contemporary British grand floral perfume for woman which brings an enchanting essence complete with shimmering gold flakes.

“Not only does it smell amazing but the packaging is so beautiful! I love perfume and have a big collection and I can say this goes straight to the top of my list. It’s a darker smell which is my favorites. A musky-ish scent. I love it!” – Danlfj

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum

best perfumes for women in spring


Image credit: Wikipedia

Launched in 2001

Main accords: citrus, white floral, patchouli, sweet

Main notes: orange, mandarin orange, orange blossom and bergamot, mimosa, jasmine, turkish rose and ylang-ylang…

Longevity: very long lasting


This Chanel perfume for women is always among the list of best perfumes for women and always ranked as one of the top woman perfumes. It brings you a sweet scent that livens the skin.

“It lasts all day and is very high-end in smell and performance. Definitely worth the steeper price tag. I have a few perfumes I tolerate, but this will forever be my favorite!” – SarahH22

“I don’t know why I hesitated on getting this perfume for so long! Such a beautiful, classy scent! Great to wear any time of the day & for most occasions as well.” – Snazzy

“This has been my signature scent for many years and I still wear it and love it. Coco Mademoiselle gives its best after few hours, when the fruity notes are gone and there is a very classy, elegant and almost balsamic smell left on the skin. Very long lasting, one spray is more than enough for the whole day.” – Happytrip

Daisy Dream Kiss Marc Jacobs for women

best perfumes for women in spring

Launched in 2017

Main accords: fruity, sweet, musky

Main notes: grapefruit, jasmine, lychee, white woods

Longevity: moderate


Coming from the best-selling perfumes maker, Marc Jacobs, the Daisy Dream Kiss inspired by the spirit of daisies and blue skies is an irresistible mix of intricate details, elegance, and femininity.

“Tried this today at Macy’s loved it!” – Roseredlolita

Chypre Caresse Givenchy

best perfumes for women in spring

Image credit: Fragrantica

Launched in 2014

Main accords: citrus, musky, amber

Main notes: ambre tigré, bois martial, cuir blanc, chypre caresse, néroli originel, oud flamboyant and ylang austral.

Longevity: very long lasting


Mention about the best fragrances for women in spring time, we can’t skip this excellent chypre which contains seven fine fragrances made from rich raw ingredients. The bottle completely evokes the Givenchy fashion creations and materials.

“Gorgeous chypre! The best!”- MrsMurgatroyd

“Beautiful lemony fragrance. It can be called charming freshness. Honestly, it is the most wonderful chypre scent I’ve tested so far! Tender, subtle and totally enchanting.
Base notes are warmer, but patchouli is very delicate, barely recognizable.
A scent for great ladies”. – Arlene-Beatrix

Black Tulip Nest for women

best perfumes for women in spring

Image credit: Fragrantica

Launched in 2016

Main accords: powdery, patchouli, floral, sweet

Main notes: plum, pink pepper, violet and patchouli

Longevity: long lasting


This is a new warm floral fragrance that Nest introduced for Spring 2017.

“I recently tried this fragrance and I am absolutely obsessed with it. I find the longevity of the EDP is awesome and it is not too sweet.” – Silverrgirl

“I bought this blindly in the rollerball and just received it tonight. It’s amazing! It’s floral for sure but not too flowery or old lady floral it’s nice, young and fresh.” – Mandy03

Best Summer perfumes for women

Soleil Blanc Tom Ford

best perfumes for women in summer

Image credit: Tom Ford

Launched in 2016

Main accords: sweet, coconut, yellow floral, white floral, amber

Main notes: bergamot, cardamom oil orpur, pistachio accord, ylang ylang comores islands, benzoin extract orpur, coco de mer accord.

Longevity: very long lasting


Tom Ford Soleil Blanc is unexpectedly among the top woman perfumes for summer for its sultry and addictive solar floral scent.

“This is what Beach Walk should smell like! Honestly, I am blown away by Soleil Blanc. It is pure sunshine and sands and the beach and the salty sea air! I loooooove it!!! I love the coconut smell at first and how the saltiness comes a little later and then the bergamot! It’s gonna become my favorite perfume this coming summer!” – LolaDiva

CK One Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein

best perfumes for women in summer

Image credit: Fragrantica

Launched in 2016

Main accords: citrus, fresh, green, fruity

Main notes: lime mojito, guava, cedarwood

Longevity: long lasting


Definitely one of the best fragrances for women and men to wear this summer! Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2016 is announced as a refreshing, rebellious, carefree and exciting fragrance for both men and women.

“It smells amazing and lasts for a long time. It’s super beachy and makes you happy. I’ve gotten lots of complements on it so far!” – Sam179

Which are the best fragrances for women for you to wear this spring and summer?

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