10 Best Hair Trends For Women

A woman with voluminous and soft hair can never escape the looks of tempting eyes. A woman who can handle her hair is as strong as them because trust me there is nothing in the world as stubborn as your hair. They will never bend and set in the way you want them to, especially when you are in a hurry. With every girl being different, the best hair trends for women can also not be restricted to one set of rules. However, you can surely give them an array of hair trends that best suit for a general type of facial features and those that can be tried without a lot of risks, not to mention cost efficient too.

In this article we explore to you some of the newest hair trends for women that you can try, depending on who resides within you; a lady or a rebellious artist:

1) U-Shape Cut

Image Credits: hairstylestars.com

This is the oldest, simplest and the classiest look of all times. Best suited for full-length straight hair. You simply need to cut your hair in a U shape and there you go, it is all done, and you are ready to leave. It will take only 10 minutes if you sit upright and cooperate with your beautician. It can be for your office meeting or a wedding too. You can choose between deep U and medium U as per your desires. Deep U gives a more curved edge to the ends of your hair.

2) Layers

Image Credits: goodhousekeeping.com

This kind of hair trends provides a consistently increasing or declining hair length, which also adds volume to your hair.It works especially great for those who have thin hair then this is the solution for your hair problems. You can decide on the length of your hair depending on your face shape. Those with an oval shaped face structure can try shorter layers while those with a round shape can try longer layers.

3) Texturized Bob

Image Credits: therighthairstyles.com

The above two hair styles were for those who had long hairs, but girls who do not like to get entangled in their hair, here is a short hairstyle for you. The texturized bob hairstyle has been made famous by Jennifer Lawrence and Hilary Duff. The formula is simple. Cut your hair in a bob, with long layers at the front and a bit shorter at the end. Now sleep in with some braids which give your hair a natural wavy look, without the damage of iron rod. In the morning, let loose your hair and bump in up with your fingers, detangle it and there you are ready with your girl next door look.

4) Beach Waves

Image Credits: Pinterest.com

Another hair trend for the ladies, beach waves are a global sign of style status and look great on anyone irrespective of age or color. The curls add volume to your hair and give you messy looks which are one of the new trends for women. They give you a carefree look although it is not an easy to get a look. You need to take a lot of efforts to get every single beach wave on your hair bundle perfect. However, once you are done, they look awesome.

5) Bold Curls

Image Credits: hairstylestars.com

Gone are the days when girls with curly hair tortured their tresses with flat ironing or hid it with braiding. Now even celebrities like Tracy Ellis Ross and our very own Oprah Winfrey flaunt their messy curls. Only girls with a bold and confident personality can carry their hair with dignity. With curls, although layers might not be much visible, you can experiment with them by cutting them at different lengths. Among a crowd of girls and ladies who have straight and plain hair, your hair will strike out immediately. You do not need to do all the girly tantrum and drama to get attention.

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6) Bangs

Image Credits: therighthairstyles.com

And how can this not be on our list, bangs. They are an all-time favorite hair trend for women. It gives you a cute look, and it is also catching up among the women lately. Bangs can be of many types like side bands, middle bangs, choppy or shaggy. They usually look good on medium or full-length hair and are best suited for oval shaped and square shaped face. Cut your bangs at an appropriate length and then taper them at the edges giving them a soft look. Make sure that your bangs do not come in between you and your official meeting partners, disturbing the conversation and it also does not look very formal frankly speaking.

7) Half Up & Half Down

Image Credits: therighthairstyles.com

Part your hair into two, the top and the bottom. Now take this upper part and comb it properly, leaving no tangles. Now take the entire top portion of the hair and tie it up in a bun, you can even tie them in a braid bun using a nice clip or a simple rubber band. Now let loose the down portion of the hair, comb it and there you are, the hairstyle is complete. This hairstyle has become quite a trend among celebrities, common people and also the younger generation.

8) 90’s Era Updos

Image Credits: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

This hair style which was earlier only preferred for weddings has now been made more famous by red carpet events. These days women are requesting for more hair updos. Mostly people let lose their hair down to cover their body’s insecurities, but in a hair updo you show off your skin. One bold jewelry is all you need to accessorize, and there you are ready for the show.

9) Messy Ponytails

Image Credits: amazing-hairstyles.com

A messy ponytail is the most casual and easy to do hairstyle. All you need to do is tease your hair. First comb it properly, then tie it up in a pony and then tease it at the crown, tease it at the end and there you go, your messy ponytail is ready for the party. By teasing I mean pull up the hair strands from the crown, not in a very wild way but a gentle form.

10) Loose braids

Image Credits: prettydesigns.com

Another easy but royal look. Loose braid your hair and let them dance as you move. This looks great with a medium and long length hair, and it never goes out of style. You can try it with three hair bunches or even four, the more, the merrier.

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