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100 Best Incredibly Cute Love Poems For Him – With Images

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5 Tips To Write The Best Love Poems For Him

Dating or impressing the guy you love isn’t as simple as it sounds. To win your beloved’s heart, there is something special you should do. Though there are many ways to express your love, a poem could never go wrong. Whether you have just started your relationship or are already in it, these tips are something to make a note of.

1. Write your Poem to match your Personality

The kind of love poem you write or choose has to be more matched to his personality. Say for example, if he is happy or funny all the time, don’t forget to add words of joy into your poem.

2.Learn About His Music Taste

Pay attention to what kind of songs he likes. What kind of lyrics move him. And write a love poem, keeping his taste in mind. Ask yourself – is he really going to like what I write for him?

3.Be Creative

Guys just hate it when a woman tries those cheesy ideas on him. Though love poems are common to write while impressing someone, the question is – how creative you are in blending words together? How unique is your poem?


You are living in the 21st century, you have plenty of resources to learn from. However, I suggest you refer few high quality websites dedicated on giving love tips. You are sure to find an impressive way of writing a love poem for him.


The way you present your love poem to him also matters. There are 2 ways of doing this. You either burn your love poem in a CD or write it beautifully on paper. You could even give calligraphy a try while writing it.

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