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100 Best Incredibly Cute Love Poems For Him – With Images

Short Love Poems For Him

love poems

1. Love is not an illusion anymore

I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
it’s an illusion, it’s fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
that love is real, and exists in me.

2.You are one in million

There is a dime a dozen…
Then there is one in a million…
But baby, you are once in a lifetime.

3. Without You

You are the one that i hold on to
Because my heart would stop
Without you!

4.My Love On You Will Never Change

No matter what anyone else says,
No matter what they do,
They can’t just keep me from falling in love,
Can’t keep from wanting to be with you
Everyone seems to like you now
And I am sure they always will
But no matter what they think of you
It won’t change how I feel
My Love On You Will Never Change!

5.How do I start

How do I start?
What do I say?
I love you and you take my breath away!
Do I say hold me tight, keep me warm all through the night?
So how do I start?
I start like this hold me, love me, teach me, move me, motivate me to do something great.
Now that I’ve started how do I end?
I end like this

6. Your name

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

7. I Asked God

I asked God for a flower, he gave me a bouquet
I asked God for a minute, he gave me a day
I asked God for true love, he gave me that too
I asked for an angel and he gave me you.

8. Sunshine

When I wake up in the morning
Sunshine’s falling on my skin
And I call you up to tell you
What a happy mood I’m in
Feel the rhythm in my body
And sing is all I wanna do
I feel the day that will bring me sunshine
for it’s another day with you

9. I Have Realized

Man reading a book for 5th time
and only now realize how good it is,
You can hear a song for the 10th time
and only now realizes how beautiful it is,
I’ve known you all my life
and I realize only now how much I love you! !

10.First Kiss

Our first meet took my breath away
Our first talk made me go speechless
Our first touch made me feel shiver
And our first kiss made me fly in the sky
It’s magic when every time we hold, kiss and cuddle
Sweet I love You!

11. I Want You More

Every morning when I wake up,
I wish to have you by my side.
As the day passes by.
I want you more and more!
Dear I miss you & Love you !

12. It’s You

If there is one face which I want to see, It’s yours
If there is a smile which I want to see, It’s yours
If there is one voice which I want to hear, It’s yours
It’s you my special love

You are my world, my life
You are everything to me..
I love you!

13. Let’s exchange

I want my eyes to be your eyes so
you could see how wonderful you are
I want my heart to be your heart so
You could feel how much you mean to me
I want my ear to be your ear so
You could hear me whisper I Love Forever!

14.Thanks for Coming Into My Life

It’s freedom, It’s happiness
It’s Eternal, It’s divine
It’s you, It’s me It’s us
And it means everything to me !
Thanks for coming into my life

15. I Treasure You !

Of all the treasure I have in my life…
I treasure you the most!
You are really special to me….

16. Life Is Short

Minutes, hours ,days and months
Time flies by when you are by my side
My world comes to a stop when you are away
life is too short
And every moment i long to be with you today tomorrow and forever
I love you!

17. I Never Knew

I never knew what safety was like until I felt your arms holding me tight
I never knew what passion was like until your heart beating against mine
I never knew what love was like until I met you
I never knew what softness was like until I felt your lips against mine
I never knew what life was like until I met you
Life is you, I love you!

18. Didn’t You Read My Mind?

Beyond watching eyes

With sweet and tender kisses

Our souls reached out

In breathless wonder!

And When I awoke

From a vast and smiling peace

I found you bathed in morning sun light

Quietly studying

All the messages in my phone …

19. Madly In Love

I love the way we walk hand in hand
I love the way you hold me in your arms
I love the way you breath under my neck
I love the way, you whisper sweet nothing into my ear
I love the way, you make me feel ..
I am madly in love with you!

20. Only You Can Do This

You are the only one
Who can leave me speechless
Yet still you inspires me to write the words of love.

21. Our Love Is Eternal

My soul has been searching for you
Even though you are Miles away,
When i close my Eyes,
I feel you in every breath I Take
We were meant to be
Together as one for all of Eternity

22. You Are The Only Thing

You ‘re the only thing,
I want to See forever
In my Eyes
In my words and
In everything i do.

23. Don’t clap

You hold my hearts
In your hands
So Please don’t clap!

24. Roses Are Red

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
They don’t think it be like it is,
But it do.

25 . My Heart Is Yours To Steal

No one knows how or when love begins
or where or how it gets a start
But when you are near, my head is a spin
and there is a flutter in my heartYour absence stirs a longing in my soul
that aches until we meet
I am less than I am; not quite whole
until again we greetI have always wanted to say I love you
that my love for you is real
Let me hear you say you love me too
and my heart is yours to steal

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