25 Absolutely Funny Animals And Their Holiday Moments To Make You Laugh

When it comes to holiday, everyone gets super excited. And we human are not the only one. The holiday time can take over animals too so don’t question if you see your pets or any other animals go hyper about it.

Of course, there are also awkward, wacky, silly moments but we know they’re all having fun. Let’s check out the pictures of these absolute funny animals enjoying their holiday and have a good laugh (especially the last one)!

Warning: Don’t LOL too hard or you’ll fell off the chair!

1. A-meow-zing Christmas photo shoot (Don’t mind me, I’m a cat – said the rabbit)

funny animals

2. Wanna have a jolly Christmas memory together? Ok, um, don’t mind me!

funny animals

3. Sorry, is Santa here?

funny animals

4. Ya all think I’m embarrassed with taking photos? Nope! I’m about to twerk the heck out of this Christmas family photo shoot!

funny animals

5. No it’s not like we’re not getting along, we’re just trying to smile widely in this Christmas photo

funny animals

6. My master, I’m sure this Halloween-cosplay picnic basket is not very happy…but can we open the wine bottle anyway?

funny animals

7. Forget the reindeer sleigh, I’m gonna take a taxi!

funny animals

8. Oh c’mon! I’m your best present ever already!

funny animals

9. Awww thank you so much! These braids made me feel 2 times more beautiful in Christmas

funny animals

10. Happy Thanksgiving! Now, I DARE you to laugh at me!

funny animals

11. Am I cool now?

funny animals

12. Chill out, dude, I was just having some fun with the tree

funny animals

13. YOLO #NoRegret

funny animals

14. Hey Jack, don’t be too nervous. Just smile and wave, boy!

funny animals

15. Guess who is having more fun with summer holiday?

funny animals

16. BEST SUMMER TIME EVAARR! Lemme help you in

funny animals

17. There is nothing weird in this Christmas photo of couples

funny animals

18. Here’s how you spent your winter time with me? I’m going to kill you, hoooman!

funny animals

19. Seems like he has been enjoying his holiday a little too much

funny animals

20. Don’t worry I won’t bite it off

funny animals

21. HO HO NO!

funny animals

22. This is exactly how I spent my holiday this year

funny animals

23. So I need to be a mouse when it’s Halloween? When will you just gimme that cake?

funny animals

24. What do I love about Christmas the most? Sending letters.

funny animas

25. Bonus: a smoking-weed holiday dogg

funny animals

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Wanna have your own pictures of funny animals? Let’s see how you can funify your holiday time with them!

Fun things to do with your pets on holiday

Dress them up

As we love to wear funny costume on holiday time, especially Halloween and Christmas day, you can have fun with dressing up your pets too. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive costume bought from the pet store. You can just make them wear a holiday hat, or a pair of Christmas socks.

Take photo with them

Seen the funny pictures above? Many of the dogs and cats enjoy a holiday photo shoot with you (they’re just shy/act like a jerk sometimes but that’s how you get your epic holiday memory together).

Play with them outside

Surely your pets like playing outside – it’s one of their favorite fun things to do – especially the dogs. Walk them, play in the snow with them, or jump in the pool together – wah, just thinking about these makes me feel so excited (beware that cats are more like, “meh” – they might love a personal massage service more than hyper activities).

Happy holiday!

Source: Awkward family photo, Twitter, Tumblr

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