Official List 2015 – World’s Top 20 Best Countries To Live In

No 9: Iceland

Happiness score – 7.355

  • Literate percentage of Iceland is 99.9, wherein you can find people buying and reading most books
  • In the Forbes list of  “top 10 cleanest countries”, Iceland hits the top position with a score of 93.5
  • It is entitled as the 8th wealthiest country in the world (with 6th highest GDP)
  • Icelanders have no army – Instead they have extraordinary rescue teams and coast guards
  • In the year 2011, GDP of Iceland was $12.3-billion. Since there is abundant resource of hydroelectric and geothermal energy in Iceland, electricity supply has never been an issue here. In fact, it is the world’s biggest electricity producer / capita

best countries to live

  • The states of Iceland offer 9 months of fully paid maternity leave for moms. This leave duration could also be shared among the couple as they please
  • Crime rate of Iceland is merely zero, which is exactly why their banks hardly have any police officers. You can even see president’s home out in the open
  • World’s cleanest air can be breathed in Iceland. Life expectancy of men & women in Iceland is 76.4 and 81.3. These figures are one of the highest in the world. Safety and health measures have made Iceland to be in the list of top 10 best countries to live in
  • Societies over here provide an overwhelming priority in bringing up happiness among people. However, none of these is possible without their self-confidence