Top 50 Best Perfumes For Women That Turn Men On

You don’t have to communicate with a person to describe his or her personality. And when it comes to women, certain things can easily reveal about her – can be with the kind of “perfume” she wears. Is it fruity? Musky, oceanic or floral? Perfumes and Personality are deeply associated. The type of smell you carry, often reflects your style and character. So, what kind of smell does your perfume have? Are you spraying the right one for the right occasion? If your answer is no, here are 20 best perfumes suiting every occasion to choose from. And don’t forget to tell us in comments what perfume you use every day and what made you to buy one. Before I list the perfumes down, there are few things I would like to share.

Now, whether you are looking a new fragrance for yourself or thinking to gift someone, every perfume listed here makes a perfect pick. So you don’t have to think twice. However, for any reasons, if you are still unsure of what fragrance to choose, I would personally recommend you to get a “free perfume sample” before making the actual purchase. Check out the section — “2 Ways to Get Free Perfume Samples by Email” to grab your sample.

Pick Your Perfume Like A Pro

Believe it or not, each time you test a new fragrance on your skin, it narrates a different story. If you haven’t felt it yet, then it’s time to learn few basics regarding “scent speak”. Just few minutes of study is all you need to start choosing your perfume like a pro.

Ever wondered why a perfume that works so magically on someone, fails to work the same on you? Do you really understand the fragrance language? Do you know the right way of wearing your perfumes? If your answer is no, take up our short guide on “How to Choose the Right Perfume” and unveil the secrets.

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Top 20 Best Perfumes For Women Suiting All Occasions

Perfumes listed in this category are great to wear on all occasions. You can wear these on evenings, work, weekends and even on special occasions. So, starting this list in reverse chronological order, at number 20 is…

No # 20: Pure Poison from Dior

best perfumes for women

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In the fragrance world, Pure Poison is popularly called “The Night Perfume”. Its irresistible fragrance easily attracts people smelling you. So never forget to wear this tempting fragrance on your evening parties. Dior has always known for launching exclusive range of perfumes with unique odor. However, Pure Poison stands out.

  • Top notes : bergamot & jasmine
  • Heart notes : orange blossom, tangerine & Frangipani
  • Base notes : sandalwood & amber

No #19: Shi from Alfred Sung

best perfumes for women

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“Shi” is exclusively designed to suit any romantic event. Since it holds all the feminine factors, it never fails to make women go irresistible. I read few reviews where most women had this one thing to say in common – “It can make men fall for you”. This top perfume is getting extremely popular among women these days. If smelling different from the rest, is something you are looking for, then “Shi” makes a perfect pick.

  • Top notes : fig leaves, lotus blossom
  • Heart notes : orange blossom, tangerine & Frangipani
  • Base notes : Musk and leaves of birch

No # 18 : Gucci By Gucci EDP spray

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Fragrances introduced by Gucci in the recent years have made it to top spots in almost all the best perfume lists throughout web. Obviously its Gucci! It is known to offer exclusive range of perfumes. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its strong customer base. Talking about this perfume now, you can use it as a daily wear or on special occasions. Just go Gucci and indulge yourself in a joy of pure fragrance. In the world of fashion, this Italian brand retains its name for its quality and trust. So, you are never to get disappointed.

  • Top notes : Orange Blossom
  • Heart notes : Tunisian Orange
  • Base notes : Vanilla & Honey

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