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what do the colors on a mood ring mean

What Do The Colors Of A Mood Ring Mean ?

It is now 30 years since the mood rings were first invented, but still the popularity once enjoyed by those unique, fun jewelry has never been faded away among the children and adults alike. Even today, thousands of people query the search engines on what do the colors of a mood ring mean, how does […]

what to do when you have a sore throat

What To Do When You Have A Sore Throat

Sore throat can sometimes be a real distraction, even though if it is not severe. It makes u feel very irritated and lost away. Only problem that steals your focus is what to do when you have a sore throat? A sore throat (or throat pain) is pain or irritation of the throat. A common physical symptom, it is usually […]

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wine machine

This Miracle Machine Promises Wine From Water

A machine turns the normal tap water into 1st class wine, it may sounds strange, but you will get it soon. This machine doesn’t involve the help of god son. This is a corking idea of a startup company. This idea doesn’t engage the cellar or any pay through nose to convert the water into […]

how to find ip address

How To Find IP Address On Windows And Mac

How To Find IP Address? All the computers connected with the public network have at least a single IP address to differentiate it from the rest of the other computers in the world. If you know about your IP address it will give you so many advantages. One major benefit is, if you own a […]


YouTube Lets You Play Videos In Slow or Fast Motion

You can actually watch YouTube videos in slow motion or fast motion just as you do in VLC. In fact, you can easily change the playback speed of YouTube videos and set it to play in slow motion or fast motion. In slow motion mode you can watch every frame in more detail which is […]


OMG! This Virus Spreads Through Wi-Fi Network

What if a computer virus can spread like common cold through air? Do you think it’s impossible? You are wrong. Actually it is made possible by the British researchers at the university of Liverpool. By hopping from one network to the other a virus named Chameleon have started to spread among the businesses and homes. […]

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Top 50 Super Awesome Facebook Statuses – Funny, Intrigue & Hilarious

Figuring out what to update in our status gets harder especially when we wish to score some likes and comments from our friends and followers we try to get attention for. If you truly want to stand out from the rest, stop filling your wall with the serious statuses like how you feel today or […]


Top 25 Most Common Worst Passwords Of 2014

After the issues created by the password leaks of Adobe, linkedin, last fm and eHarmony, it is like everyone around the web has started to talk about the importance of Internet Security. Although every website around the cyberspace provides a fair warning on creating the weak easily guessable passwords, people tend to repeat the same […]

how to block a number from calling you

How To Block A Number From Calling You

Most of the people want to block certain numbers from calling them. There are many options available on the mobile phones to achieve this task. A person who wants to block a number should know about the options available in their phone. The manufacturer of the mobile phones would provide them with some tips to […]

best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

16 Most Creative Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers

Can you list out the things you hate in your life? Every one of us has their own long list. Waiting moments we have at the subway stations, doctor’s office, the sound of a siren, wall drilling, crying baby, barking dogs, electric guitar this list actually grows. Though these things seem to be annoying, there […]

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Most Beautiful College Campuses

Top 50 Most Beautiful College Campuses Boasting Architectural Beauty

Do you think that college campus is important while we decide to join? Yes, because students not only consider academics, extracurricular activities and athletic as the deciding factors while choosing colleges but they think about the functional college campus. Looks of a college campus plays a major role to praise the college as great. Today […]

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what is chromecast

What Is Chromcast And Why Should You Need This?

What is Chromecast How curious are you in knowing what is Chromecast? Because everyone around the world have already started to spell this word. If you are never late though. Through this post you are going to know what is it and what you can do and can’t do with this tiny video streaming device. […]

invisible cloak

Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak Is Almost A Reality Now

Who will refuse to own an invisibility cloak like the one we saw in Harry Potter movies or like the one we saw  in star trek series? Reason for why you need an invisibility cloak may be anything ” to enjoy your favorite shows at free of cost or to get escape from some dangerous […]

voice commands android

16 Android Voice Commands To Make Your Life Simpler

You are right. Android do not have voice application such as “Siri”. Still it can serve you like a servant when you instruct them using android voice commands. All you need to do is, Just speak out and get the jobs things like search, map directions, setting alarm etc with your voice. Google’s voice recognition […]

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top 10 most dangerous dogs

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Based On Their Fatalities

Let’s get one thing clear. We keep getting comments that this article is “biased”, “wrong”, “not well researched” and even “stupid”. As a German Shepherd owner myself, I completely understand that you guys will want to defend and say that these dogs are not dangerous at all. But facts are facts.   Please look at the […]

best countries to live

Official List 2014 – World’s Top 20 Best Countries To Live In

If you are wondering where on earth the happiest people reside and which could be the best place to live, work and retire, here is something for you to know. In this post, you will find a very detailed list of best countries to live in 2014. It is prepared based on the recent “world […]


Top 10 Happiest Cities In America – Find The Reason Behind Their Smiles

So what are the things that flash in your minds when you call the term America’s happiest city? Is it the one that portraits the picture of frolicking dogs, happily laughing teenagers , gang of people walking on the street with an everlasting smile, chirping bluebirds and all the other things from a Norman Rockwell […]

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